Authentication and authorization

Updated: 28-6-2023


Authentication is done using a username and password combination with the HTTP Basic Authentication protocol. A single combination of username and password will be provided to each (data) partner. Using this combination verifies that access to the token endpoint should be granted.


Authorization is done via a token. Tokens will be provided to partners. A token defines two parameters:

  • The namespace in which results will be returned.
  • Which specific data (source) is used to return fine-tuned results.

Multiple tokens can be provided to data partners.


  • One token provided to NBIC Norway Artsdatabanken will return results using the NBIC namespace, and will use a model fine-tuned on Norwegian data.

  • A second token provided to Arter DK will return results using the DK_ART namespace and use a model fine-tuned on the shared dataset.

A combination of username, password and token is used with the token endpoint. An example of such a call can be found here.